Persil Powder Colour Protect 23 Wash 1.61kg

GHS 42.00

Persil Powder Colour Protect 23 Wash 1.61kg

  • Keeps colours bright, tough on stains
  • Cares for colours and fibres
  • Helps remove tough stains like grease, mud and chocolate ice-cream
  • Removes stains even in a quick wash
  • Works efficiently at lower temperatures

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Finding a reliable stain remover that still keeps your brights bright can be tricky. Persil Colour Washing Powder helps remove tough stains, without letting colours fade. With our own unique formula, we take out the pain of removing stubborn stains and help keep your clothes looking like new for longer. You can put your clothes on a 30 C wash, and still easily get rid of marks like mud, grass and ice cream.
How do I use it? Add the washing powder into the dispenser drawer (see pack for full dosing instructions) and check the care labels on your garments before selecting the appropriate wash cycle and temperature. This washing powder can be used for both machine washing and handwashing. If washing clothes by hand, follow the instructions on the pack and dissolve the washing powder completely in water. Always test the colourfastness of any new coloured clothes before laundering, and wash light, dark, and coloured clothing separately to avoid fading or colour run. For the best results, add Comfort fabric conditioner to the detergent drawer before washing as usual. Don’t mix this colour powder with water as a pre-treatment, or use it on silk or wool clothes. For delicate fabrics such as silk and wool use Persil Silk and Wool liquid instead.


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